Barnraisers, Inc.  was created to provide a collaborative and comfortable place to create, develop and build solutions for clients with complex needs for their living and work environments. An archtypal image of this participation in the early United States was the barn raising. In this spirit, we build a unique team that best suits each client's requirements.


Barnraisers, Inc. has two divisions, BRI-Design and BRI-Business. We use a network of individuals and companies as a resource pool to draw on for each project. Depending on your needs, we provide the option to bring in the right combination of resources to create your solution.

BRI Barnraisers, Inc.
 BRI-Design is our architectural consulting group that builds a team of experts to facilitate the design and construction of your high performance and sustainable home, building or developement.
 BRI-Business is our business consulting group focused on small to mid-capital companies. We take a collaborative approach working with you to solve your problems.

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